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 Connected Car and M2M / IOT solutions

A Consulting service and Solution provider in the Connected Car, Telematics, M2M, and IOT markets. We have been providing Technical Consulting, Business and Market Development, Market Research and Analysis, Technology trend prediction, and Market Strategy services to our clients since 2001. Our areas of focus and specialization have been Automotive telematics, Infotainment, GNSS, ADAS, IOT, and M2M.

We have been active in these verticals since early days of Telematics market and also pursued development of new solutions for the Connected Car and the broader M2M / IOT markets but it has been a highly challenging and fast changing technology markets for us and many alike and is still finding its proper value propositions and its place and direction in the consumer and automotive markets.

Iteq Telematics, LLC is a by product of Telematics Technologies which has been active in the M2M and Fleet Management market providing service to the transportation and commercial telematics markets.

 Global M2M / IOT Markets

The global M2M and IOT markets have been gaining momentum in recent years and displaying growth in all vertical segments in different areas of world.

Berg Insight estimates that shipments of cellular M2M / IOT devices to be increased by 35.3 percent to a new record level of 50.8 million units. Adjusted for churn, this resulted in net additions of 29.3 million M2M connections in 2011. The shipments of cellular M2M and IOT devices are forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.6 percent to reach 152.2 million units by 2016.

Telematics Technologies, LLC has tried to find its way in this fast changing and dynamic technology markets and has found that due to lack of proper business models and value propositions coming up with reliable sources of investment and financial support for smaller companies has been a major impediment of its own which prevented us and others alike from bringing innovative ideas to the fast changing Telematics and IOT markets.

However future has been shaping through years of major investment by major Technology and Automotive companies and some savvy startups which has created or came across right solutions at right window of opportunity, and gained the critically important financial support. So we are reaching to an stage in which many consumers are realizing true values of these Connected technologies in an ever more connected world around them.


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