Connected Car, Autonomous, M2M / IOT Service & Solutions

Telematics Technologies is an Automotive and Transportation Engineering services and solutions provider active in the Connected Car, Autonomous, and M2M / IOT technology fields. The company has been providing various Engineering, project implementation, strategic marketing, commercialization, and market development services to its clients since being established in the early years of the Connected Car / Telematics market.

We have been most active in providing advisory services in mobility and connected technology areas including product planning, strategy development, feasibility study, business planning, business model reviews, financial projection, market research and analysis, competitive analysis, strategic partnership, and business development areas.

We have been assisting our clients through our in-depth technical and industry know-how providing them, among others, inputs on their technology selection and partnership, product design, business models, and marketing strategies for the Automotive and connected technology markets. Our Clients consist of various size companies from startups to developed enterprises which have been taken advantage of our services to expand their business in the Automotive, Connected Car, Autonomous, and M2M / IOT technology fields.

With more than 16 years of experience Telematics Technologies is an expert service and solution provider in various facets of the Connected Car (Telematics, Infotainment, ADAS, V2X), Autonomous, and M2M / IOT fields. Our Strategy, Product, Business, Sales, Marketing, Branding, and Partnership guidance have been instrumental in helping some of our clients to design innovative products with viable business models for the Automotive, mobility, and connected technology markets.

In past we have developed a GPS Navigation product and a SAAS solution for the Fleet Management market, which is now offered through our M2M/IOT solution division Iteq Telematics, LLC.