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 Connected Car, Autonomous, and IOT solutions

A Consulting service and Solution provider in the Connected Car, Telematics, Autonomous, IOT, and M2M fields. We were founded in 2001 and have been providing commercialization and market development services since early years of the Connected Car and Telematics market.

We Provide advisory to companies in strategy, business development, technical trends, business plans, market research & analysis, feasibility study, business models review, competitive analysis, financial projection, strategic partnership, and sales & marketing areas.

We assist clients by our various industry and vertical know-hows and provide them inputs on their product design and business models for the Automotive and other related markets in which we are active. Our Clients consist of various sizes from startups to developed enterprises and we have continued to help them to expand their business in the Automotive, Connected Car, Autonomous, and IOT fields.

With over 15 years of experience in these markets we are expert in various facets of the Connected Car (Telematics, Infotainment, ADAS, V2X), Autonomous, and IOT fields. We provide Strategy, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Strategic Partnership, and consulting in design of innovative products with viable business models for the Automotive market and in above technology areas.

We have developed in past a personal GPS Navigation product, and recently a SAAS solution for Fleet Management market which is offered through our M2M/IOT solution division Iteq Telematics, LLC.

 Global Connected Car, Autonomous, and IOT Markets

The global Connected Car, Autonomous, driverless, and IOT markets have been gaining momentum in the recent years and displaying advent in various segments of related technologies.

Telematics Technologies, LLC has kept in touch with these fast changing fields during almost past two decades in which, due to the lack of proper business models and technological advents, consumer awareness and acceptance of these areas has been low. With recent changes to telematics business models by the Automotive industry and advent of various areas of mobility technologies, we are witnessing a level of consumer awareness and acceptance of the new generation of Connected Car and Autonomous solutions which per mentioned reasons we did not see during the introduction and growth of first generation Telematics solutions.

We are providing various companies, which may have entered these areas during the recent years, our market know-how and advisory services. We are helping our clients to be informed about hype and doom of first generation Telematics solutions and services, so they could focus on introducing user-friendly mobile and in-vehicle Connected Car solutions that could successfully gain consumers acceptance.


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